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Thread: Upgrading RAM on Macbook 5,1

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    Upgrading RAM on Macbook 5,1

    I just purchased a lightly used MacBook 5,1 (2ghz intel core duo, 2g RAM). I would like to upgrade the RAM to (2 * 2g DD3 RAM). Obviously, I am not familiar with hardware upgrades and was wondering about computability issues, specificities of the format i should purchase, and if such an upgrade is even possible or desirable. Thanks in advance to any help yall can provide.


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    Buy the memory from a reputable reseller. Most folks here recommend either Crucial or OWC.

    As to how to install the new memory..... watch this You Tube video. LINK

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    Is it a unibody model? If so I have 4GB in 2 x 2GB sticks lying around if you wanted to buy them? There are unused but out of box.

    Look around at some prices and then PM me and I'll do it cheaper as they're just sitting up taking space.

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