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    Display not working

    I have read a few post here regarding similar problems but none seem to be exactly like the one I am experiencing. I have a MacBook Pro 15" late 2007 model. I recently upgraded to snow leopard. 2 weeks ago I sat down to use my MBP and the display was not coming on. The computer is starting up as I can hear the startup sound, it makes all the right noises and i can hear it responding to what im doing. I did the normal troubleshooting, resetting the PRAM and SMU. I connected it to my tv via DVI and received no picture. Also, I determined its not the back-light as I cannot see a picture while shining light on the screen. Well "somehow" during multiple attempts the display started working. I used it for the last two weeks with no issue, and then last night while playing WoW I decided to restart the MBP because it was running slow. When I restarted the display never came back up. Since then nothing has worked. I have since tried the same troubleshooting steps to no avail. Why would this happen during a restart? Why would I not have a picture at all as well as not getting a pic via dvi out? Why would this be an intermittent issue? These are a few of the things that do not make sense to me when trying to pinpoint a cause. Any ideas?
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    Sounds like the graphics card.
    Apple has extended the warranty on that NVIDEA card to 4 yrs if that's the problem.
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    Yea I had the same issue with a customer computer a few weeks ago. They'll use a diagnostic tool to determine that it's the graphics card.

    They'll replace the entire logic board, which is a $1,300 repair, for free.

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