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    Really urgent help needed!!!!!!!!
    Tonight I was writing a 10-page research paper and using video ichat. when I was done, I tried to shut down some of the other programs on my computer, and everything froze. Not knowing what to do, I turned it off. Now when I turn it on that BLASTED question marker folder blinks. I've tried holding alt, x, option command P R, option command O F, and yeah. I've read a lot of people saying you have to boot it with the install disk. Unfortunately, I bought the computer used from my sister's boyfriend (who treated it very nice) so the install disk is somewhere at home, whereabouts unknown. (i'm at college)
    ANYWAY, IT'S FINALS WEEK AND I HAVE TWO PAPERS DUE TOMORROW AND I CAN'T WRITE THEM WITH MY COMPUTER FRIED!!!!! I know i'm probably totally screwed but please just tell me some things i can try, or some place I can download an install disk????? PLEASE HELP I'M FREAKING OUT HERE :O

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    greeeaaaaattt I'll just die now.

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    Welcome to the forum kelseystatic .....

    Ill start by saying because of US law and this forum in the US we cant talk about illegal or pirated software, so we cant even go down that line .. Sorry

    I would somehow be getting the home copy Fast tracked to you if you can. As you said, it is probably fried and for sure would have lost the 10 page document, but without the Install DVD's you are screwed to put it nicely ...because you cant even boot up.


    PS is why we say Backup Backup Backup
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    Couldn't have said it better!

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    Another option is to go to a store and buy an external hard drive case (SATA) then pull your HD and slap it in. Then find a friend with a Mac and see if you can get into the drive to get your papers. It isn't an ideal solution but it may solve your immediate problem. After that, you will need the discs to rebuild it.

    If that doesn't work then the HD itself is toast.

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    You don't say what model of computer you have, but any modern Mac running Leopard or higher is probably using Time Machine, so why not just restore your paper from your backup to another Mac while you get your current one fixed? I'll bet the Mac techs you take it too would be glad to help you with that, you probably won't have lost any more than an hour's work if you had TM running.

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    Another option (if your computer has an Intel processor)...go to the nearest Apple Store & buy an OS 10.6 install disk for $29.

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    Not good
    A spontaneous freeze followed by a flashing ? icon at boot is usually indicative of a hard drive crash - and usually a bad one. I'd try one of the following to try to access data:

    1. If your computer has a FireWire port and you have a FireWire cable (or know someone who does) attempt to boot your computer in Target Disk Mode - Hold down the T key at boot until a FireWire logo appears on the screen. Basically, your computer is now a dumb hard drive. Connect it to another Mac with the FireWire cable, and if the drive is readable, it will show up on their screen like an external drive... find your papers and copy them off your drive.

    2. put your drive in a drive enclosure (see advice above from DaFlake)

    3. Take it to an Apple Authorized Service Provider (or Apple Store) and see if they can assist.

    Also, there's a program called Data Rescue, runs about $99, but it has a free trial, so you can see if it will actually recover anything before you buy it. If it looks like it can recover enough data, pay the money and recover. If not, you're no worse off than you were before.

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