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    Macbook Pro to TV

    I'm a relatively new convert to Mac's, so please forgive my ignorance.

    Last night (slightly inebriated), I hooked up my Macbook to my plasma tv using a converter from the port to a vga cable into the tv. I can't remember what I pressed (beers didn't help), but I think I went along the old PC line of fn F4 and it switched over. Now, the next day, when I plug it in again, it says no cable in (on the tv) and no matter what I press, I can't get it to come up again.

    if anyone has any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.



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    Hi Bob,

    I looked at the link your provided, and I didn't find the answer.

    Would letting my Macbook update its software have any effect? (I did this last night before sleeping.) Because when I plugged it in yesterday, it recognised the laptop immediately, and changing the tv screen to a mirror was done by the Apple button and one of the screen brightness buttons (I think).

    Any further help would be great.



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