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    Dec 08, 2010
    Very weird graphics issue
    Hi I have a MacBook Pro that I bought in June and over the last few days my Safari would freeze up and then everything would become pixilated with pieces of open applications on my computer. After a minute or two it would go away but my desktop would look pixilated as well as all the icons in finder. Also, sometimes part of a screen will freeze in place in Safari not letting me see what is behind it and the only fix is to force quit it.
    Anyone have any ideas on what it could be?
    The desktop looks like the attatchement
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    Down Under :D
    Back to my old 2.2GHz C2D MB after selling my MBP and wondering what my next Mac will be :)
    That attachment is just a black screen.

    Anyway, I would make an appointment with Apple Genius Bar seeing that it is under warranty!

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    Dec 08, 2010
    That is weird, I am guessing something is messed up inside because when I open it up on my computer it shows up as some pixilated looking stuff, on mine, but not the same pixilated stuff as whats on my desktop (which is what it is a screenshot of). I guess it has to be something with my graphics card or something I will take it in to the genius bar when I get home for winter break.

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