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    Need Help With Networking
    Hey hows is going. Im trying to connect my macbook running OS X 10.6 to a windows 7 network so i can use the printer wirelessly. Ive searched high and low and cant seem to find anything that works for me. Is there any simple way to print wirelessly using a windows 7 network ?

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    We need more information. Is the printer wireless or connected to a Windows 7 machine (sharing)? If the printer is wireless does it support the Mac? If it is not have you tried using Bonjour?

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    the printer is currently wired to the windows computer. Ive tried bonjour and that didnt help. At work we have the windows computer networked with other laptops that are connected to the router, joining a workgroup to be able to print. i recently bought a macbook off of my friend and the guys at work have no ieda how to mess with apple. normally with a windows computer you just set up the network on one computer, share the printer and join with the other windows computer. I cant seem to figure out how to connect to the network at work.

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