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    Assistance needed with Grey Screen Past available studied info
    hello all,

    I have been having trouble with my Macbook, of which it continues to load to a grey screen and then proceeding to be unresponsive.
    Only noted response other than the grey screen is when booted from the <Option> key that would be used when the Hard drive is partitioned. This method will lead to showing me my Harddisk and upon selecting proceeds to the Apple symbol and the loading wheel beneath, the laptop soon crashes.

    Sources found on reserched forums have given advice of the following commands, all of which have lead to no avail;
    *Command+Option+P+R (held for both two sound restarts(advised by apple support) and three sound starts (advised by another tip on forums))
    *(Left key) Shift held on boot for Safe Mode start

    I do not have my Leopard install disc on me for another week and am wondering if there is anything else I could be trying to resolve this issue in the meantime.

    Thank you for any relative furtherances'

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    You really need your Leopard install DVD in order to run hardware tests and to check the hard drive. You're either going to have to wait a week or go to the nearest Apple store or Best Buy and purchase a Snow Leopard upgrade DVD for $29 and use it to run the tests.

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