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    Question MBP Powers Down When Closed

    My son's 13" MBP (fall 2009) powers off every time he closes the lid. He then, of course has to turn it back on & wait for bootup. This is NOT a simple "going to sleep" issue! The MBP actually turns off!! Neither my daughter nor myself have this issue with ours (13" & 15" fall 2009)

    Can ANYONE help?!!!

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    Have you tried Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) or Mac OS X 10.6 Help: Resetting PRAM ? Another suggestion I found is doing a clean install, might, somehow fix the issue.
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    Thanks! I'll pass that along to my son. Or get him to try next time he visits!! I really do appreciate the help.

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    It might somehow be an issue with the display cable. If it is pinched, it will turn off the computer.

    I have a A1181 Macbook that I accidentally pinched the inverter cable during a repair and it will boot up for a second and then turn off. If I unplug the display, it will turn on fine but there won't be anything on the screen obviously.

    I would take it back to apple, because there might be a short in the display cable that is happening every time he closes the display.

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    Thank you! I have passed your answer on to my son! I appreciate all the help!

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