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    Battery tips
    I'm new to laptops, so I got a bunch of questions in regard to maintaining a healthy battery, beyond tips like 'turn on setting X will save 20 mins of charge'. Moreso i'm interested in battery maintenence and maximizing lifespan.

    Some Q's:
    - Is it good to run the battery flat?
    - Is it healthy to charge the battery back up if i'm only partially flat?
    - If my Macbook is mains powered 99% of the time, will this affect the battery long term?
    - Do laptop batteries suffer from memory effect also?

    Any tips or advice in regards to batteries? I'm all ears

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    Check it out here. Apple - Batteries

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    One thing I can tel you that does seem to help, is removing the battery from the computer when your not planning on using the battery or the computer is in storage.

    I try to refrain from running my battery flat, excessive wear occurs when it charges from a dead state in that more heat is produced because of how long it takes to charge up. Plus, the amperage is higher when charging the battery in a lower state.

    Partial charges do seem to be better for lithium ion batteries. I run my Macbook on the mains maybe 75% of the time, so when I am on the mains I remove my battery.

    A lot of people say that Lithium batteries do not suffer from the memory effect, and I must say I have never had a battery recalibration work out as intended. The only thing I don't like, is newer batteries seem to keep track of your charging cycles and the age of them. I don't like to call it a conspiracy or anything, but it wouldn't surprise me if the battery could be told to die at a certain age.

    Hope something helps!
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    Don't remove the battery from Mac's. This causes the processor to run under it's true speed.

    All you need to know is on that link Lbatson21 posted.

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    dim the screen/brightness to save on battery power

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    Quote Originally Posted by True Bassist View Post
    Don't remove the battery from Mac's. This causes the processor to run under it's true speed.

    All you need to know is on that link Lbatson21 posted.
    Ditto - removing the battery is not recommended nor is it a good idea.
    Mac notebooks automatically throttle back the CPU when the battery is removed.
    After reading Apple's recommendations and understanding how to calibrate, with today's batteries, just use the computer the way "you" want to use it, being mindful of those recommendations.
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