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    Problem Reinserting Keyboard
    My keyboard won't reinsert and I think it's because of this small square of material (I don't know what it is's white on the side facing up and silver underneath) sticking out under the keyboard that's jutting out from underneath the command key on the right. I suppose it's the same material as the stuff underneath the entire keyboard. Anyway, this small square seems to be preventing me from fully reinserting the right tab at the bottom of the keyboard into its slot, because I can fit the left tab into its slot but then the keyboard ends up being slanted because the square is preventing me from inserting the right tab fully into its slot. I have no idea what's going on because my keyboard was obviously in place before I removed it. The square preventing my keyboard from going in is only a theory; it may not be the problem at all. PLEASE help me! If I don't fix this ASAP my parents will think I ruined my iBook and will be really pissed. Thanks!

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    Nevermind....I don't know what I did but I somehow managed to reinsert it.

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