newbie to this forum but not to apple devices.
my big brother gave me his MacBook Air about 2 months ago. he bought it in august of 2009. when i got it, it ran Windows 7 (dont ask me why that what he wanted). i did update to the system and installed snow leopard etc...
after install the iStat pro i noticed that the battery is in good condition, 93%. i thought he ruined the battery cause he always plugs his laptops/netbooks to a power source.
i dont understand why but in the first month i had 90%-92% health, and in the past few weeks it went down to 88%-90% and right now i have 86%.
i really dont understand why.
i follow the instructions and wait until the battery is empty, recharge to 100% and again waiting... etc...
the computer overall is in great shape, i dont understand the problem maybe one of you guys can enlighten the subject.
thanks in advance!!!