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    Dec 04, 2010
    Temperamental wifi on macbook
    Using a netgear router. I often click on a link or try to access email and the server cannot be found. I'll try a few times and the page finally comes up. If the server still cannot be found, I can often immediately go to another site with no problem. Otherwise, I turn off the airport and turn it back on and it works. The other devices in the house using this connection do not have this problem, one of which is an ipad, the others are laptops(not macs). Whats up?


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    Nov 28, 2010
    macbook problem
    To help rule out possible causes. Is this a problem coming out of sleep and awake or does it just happen randomly. If randomly as a I presume from what you have stated. Go to your mac hd, applications, utilizes, network, ping. Use unlimited ping and ping any particular site but one that is pretty stable such as Sit and watch it for a little while 5 minutes. What you are looking for are time outs. This is where your router and your laptop or not communicating effectively and packets of data are not effectively being transmitted. Make sure you are within a close distance of the router and your signal is strong before you begin. Let the program run and check on it after an hour. You should see how much data loss has persisted in that time frame. A couple packets is not going to be problem in most case scenarios but a lot will ruin your internet browsing with having to retransmit signals in order to receive a page. Other questions that I have are what is the model of your macbook which can be found behind the battery if you are unsure, do you live in a house or apartment, do you have the problem in a certain area of the house or is it persistent despite where you are located, and lastly have you made any security modifications to your router such as ports or WEP/WPA security. Let us know.


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