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Thread: dropped MBP but only slightly damaged

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    Unhappy dropped MBP but only slightly damaged
    So today my bag wasnt zippered all the way (forgot to double check and my MBP started to fall out, but I caught most of it , but it is pretty scuffed up on one corner where it scraped the ground, mostly on the screen housing.

    I am taking a closer look at it now, and the picture makes it look wore than it is. The lid has the most of the damage, the body doesnt have a dent at all, just a scratch. The lid has a slight (very slight dent) but more scratched than anything, so I am thinking it will be fine, more looks like it got bumped into something.

    Does this void my warranty (I was going to buy apple car soon)? Its only month old... what if i fixed it through an authorized apple repair center? How much would that cost me? Id just need to do the housing for the screen, the bottom housing only has a scratch so I wouldn't bother with that. The glass is perfect still.

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    Any kind of damage that you incur to your machine is not covered by Apple as you probably already know. And you might want to think twice about replacing the lid as I believe the entire display on that model would also have to be replaced. (The lid and display are integrated.)

    You might want to make an appointment with your local Apple store and let them look at to see what they say. As I said above, I believe the entire display along with the lid - but I may be wrong so it's best to ask Apple.

    As for Apple care, that's up to you since the case damage would not be covered anyway.

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    I suggest making an appointment with your Apple store and tell them about the dent and that it isn't affecting the running or performance and see if they can make a note of this as if something goes wrong at some point in the future they may try and blame any problems on this damage and not give you the apple care if you decide to get it.

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