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Justin 11-29-2010 10:49 PM

New Macbook Pro, screen turning black spontaneously
I have a new Macbook Pro, and sometimes when I move it while it's on (i.e. very gently lift it off the table to put in on my lap) the screen goes black! I can see the desktop very faintly within the black, as if the display is working but the light has gone off perhaps, but the processes themselves may have stopped, though not sure. Moving the mouse or pressing any buttons doesn't help. So I just wait for several minutes and usually it comes back on, maybe due to me moving it some more? Also last night I was playing music with some software, was fine for hours but then I put the lid down not closed but maybe 5cm from closed position, and it did this same thing, the music stopped and screen went off. I moved the mouse, pressed buttons and nothing was really working though a couple of times the music came on for a little while before stopping again. No light though. Pressing the power button didn't work either so I held it down for a few seconds to cut all power. Turned it back on and, repeating this several times gave some different outcomes. No times did it turn on properly. One time it looked OK, and I could sign in to my account but then instead of getting my desktop it was a black screen again, only solvable by cutting all power again. Another time I think it just gave black screen on powering up. Another time it briefly showed the login page but in weird graphics, maybe it was black and white and in an unusual size (too big I think) but then quickly changed spontaneously to a black screen!

My mac is about 1 month old and was a refurbished one. I moved the data using the wizard or whatever, from my old macbook which was on OS10.4. Whether or not that has anything to do with this I don't know but the macbook help say they have never heard this problem, think it is likely due to some error in software from what I moved from my old macbook, and are asking me to reinstall everything and then move all my data manually to see if that helps. That would be a real drag and may not answer the problem so want to ask, does anyone else have experience with this problem?

Heloise 11-29-2010 10:55 PM

It sounds like you might have some loose connections inside it. You could open it up yourself to look for loose connections but I would advise taking it to apple as it is probably under warranty.

6string 11-30-2010 02:43 AM

It does sound like a loose connection, and it is under warranty, so as suggested above, make an appointment with Apple Genius Bar to have it looked at.

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