I am looking for a use for my original Powerbook G4. Its pretty much in the original configuration that it shipped with. I am not sure if its upgradable or not...frankly, I can't even get the thing to recognize the Airport consistently and when I go the the browser, most pages it won't even load and says can't find server. I am not sure if its the old version of or Airport causing this or not...I can see my WiFi connection and it seems to be connecting....but no luck using the browser on the WiFi connection.

It might be nice to turn this into a music server, but I wonder if the software versions are too limiting. (OS 10.2.8, 640mb ram, 867 Mhz PowerPC processor).

Anyone found a creative use for a relic like this, or have a suggested upgrade path to some form of usability outside a word processor.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.