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Thread: Need to get MacBook Pro 17" off of my hands.

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    Need to get MacBook Pro 17" off of my hands.
    Hi everyone!
    I have MacBook Pro 17" (Model A1229) with dead logic board. I went to the local Apple store and they wanted $535 to fix it (repair or replacement option wasn't specified). I searched then online and the cheapest logic board I found was $350 (pre-order from China).
    I guess I will be selling it, as I have no desire to invest $500+ into 3 y.o. laptop.
    Does anyone know where should I try to sell it and how much I can get for it? It has few minor dents (3 y.o.) on a housing, but screen looks just as new.
    Thank you for all suggestions.

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    Craig's List or e-Bay are your best selling locations.

    As far as how much is it worth...ask much would you be willing to pay for a non-working laptop computer. If you're like me...not very much.

    I would say try to find some non-working laptops like your's on e-Bay and go from there. Or set up an e-Bay auction...start the bidding at $50 bucks...and see where things go. If it's worth anything to anyone...the bidding will go up to the level appropriate to it's "non-working condition".

    It's very hard to accurately value a broken item (any item).


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    How much you want for it?

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    Please move your inquiry to private mail. If the OP is eligible to post his MBP in the BST forum, he can place it there for sale and you can respond from that forum if you wish. Otherwise, use private mail to correspond with the OP.

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