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    Hi guys,I'm new...

    I've got a new MBP for about 3 weeks now,and unfortunately my lotion in my bag accidentally spilled a few drops onto my power adapter.Without noticing it I inserted it into the computer,and now parts of it is "oily".However,I managed to clean almost everything off inside the jack using damp tissue,and it just has some reflective stain.But otherwise it's functioning okay.

    However today my power adapter started acting up.Normally when you remove it from the laptop,the LED shuts off,right?But mine is staying on (it's green)!! It has never happened before and I wonder what on earth is going on...I turned off the power source and the light goes dead and doesn't light up again until I put it back into the computer,where it lights up again.After removing it again,the light is STILL on.This is bizarre.

    I had a dead pixel and exchanged my MBP in the first week,my Mac experience has started off on the wrong foot.All these glitches are really worrying me.Please help...thanks so much.

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    Well this glitch is your own fault, not Apple's. They didn't spill lotion on your stuff, that was you so don't put the blame on them.

    You may just need to purchase a new adapter.
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