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Thread: Error message "missing wifi card"

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    My son's macbook pro was connected a friend's speakers and when they went to unplug it the speaker connector broke off inside of his speaker port.

    He was home over Thanksgiving and we took the unit to a local repair shop to see if they could remove the piece of broken connector from the unit.

    They repoorted "audio-connector--connactor appears to be physically broken. Connector is part of circuit board assembly inside unit."

    We didn't have them fix it, #1 its only 6 months old. & #2 he needed to take it back to school with him.

    Since he's had it back it keeps giving him a warning message "no wifi card" and will not connect to wi-fi. He can plug it in and use internet with a cable but nothing with wi-fi.

    Any ideas??

    If he sends it in how long will he be without his computer?

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    I would start by taking it into an authorised Apple repairer and have it inspected by them, or even better, an Apple Genius bar tech.
    The turnaround period is going to be based on what the actual problem is, and part availability.

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