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    can only type in caps lock
    i know absolutely nothing about hardware/macs and i'm looking to get some help on a keyboard issue. there are a ton of other problems at this point but this one i figure is the easiest to solve.

    basically i had liquid spilled (alot) on my macbook pro, mostly on the keyboard. it dried for more than a week, but there are definitely still a lot of problems i don't even want to begin to explain. right now the biggest problem is the can only type in caps and it's as if the shift button is always pressed (can't type numbers, etc). this makes it extremely difficult to even log on properly because it won't accept my password which does not contain any letters in caps. so now the only way to actually get to the desktop is through my install disk (which is stuck in the drive, maybe because it is still sticky from the spill). i also have to hold the eject button down for some reason to surpass the login screen with the disk. i'm not really sure, it keeps doing different things, but i digress.

    can i simply replace the keyboard to fix this issue? perhaps something is actually just stuck together making it so that those keys are always pressed? i looked and all i can find is the cases for the keyboard and i don't really know what part to buy. would i be able to install it myself and how much would this cost?

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    I would first have it looked at by a professional so they can at least diagnosis what the problem is. From there you can decide if the price of repair outweighs doing it yourself be warned that things could go wrong if you don't know what you are doing.

    Linky to website that specializes in do it yourself repairs. You can also order parts.

    Next time read the stickies or use the search function.

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