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    Macbook shuts off when moved
    I had a problem with my Macbook shutting off completely at random a while back. After a while I could not even get it to turn on. It turned out that it turned on and worked just fine on a different adapter, so I replaced the adapter.

    However, I have also noticed that if I move it a certain way -I'm not sure if it has to do with rotation while I'm picking it up, or how quickly I have picked it up, however I am sure that this almost always happens if I have laid it on my chest and I am laying down, and I decide to move to sit up more - it will often shut off.

    Moving it at a moderate speed without rotating it too much seems to be okay, though, as long as I don't move it too quickly.

    My macbook was purchased in the winter of 2006 and has multiple other problems as well, but I think they are unrelated. These include a problem that seems to be normal for Macbooks created around this time - overheating. I have found that using a cooling pad does NOT help. Under normal circumstances, my computer remains from 55 to 65 degrees Celsius, usually around 60-62. However, I have seen it go as high as 85 (this is very rare, however, and the fan catches up and cools it back down). It has burned several areas of the white casing (they look kind of dark grey-violet), and I believe that it may have also burned my batteries, as I went through 4 batteries - all of which the computer stopped recognizing for no reason at all - just while my computer was under warranty. It has been operating solely on adapter power for several years now and has been fine, up until now.

    It also appears to have an issue with the optical drive. I have recently tried to burn DVDs, only to find that it cannot connect to the optical drive. However, I played DVDs in it and they seemed to work just fine, so I don't know what the deal is with that.

    I think this issue of it spontaneously shutting off has something to do with the logic board, but I can't be sure. It isn't that my computer is inoperable; I have come to expect that it might shut off if I move it too quickly and I make sure to save my work before I do so, so even if it does, there's no problem. I guess if it is the logic board, it's definitely not worth dealing with. I have been seriously considering getting an iMac, or just another Mac in general, I just don't have the money.

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    Sounds like something's loose. I had the same problem with a laptop of mine and the culprit turned out to be the power to the hard drive had become slightly loose. Try opening it up and plugging everything back in.

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    Unhappy Same issue
    I am having this same issue. It will just shut off if I move the screen or bump it. Sometimes if it will just shut down for no apparent reason. I have had it in to the Geek Squad twice and they always send it back saying nothing is wrong.

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