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    17" MBP keyboard and fan issues
    After installing a new display assembly on my A1229 the "i , 8 , F7 , and F8" keys stopped working. i have no logical explanation for what could have caused this. The only key i really need immediate use of (before i have anything repaired/replaced) is the "i" key. Any ideas or suggestions? i also noticed the right fan is not spinning at all. i have a feeling this fan issue has been going on for quite awhile(but this is the first time i've had the case open to see it) because as far as i can remember one side has always been quite hotter than the other. it makes me wonder if it ever worked. i took it out to make sure it was clean/clear of obstruction and blowing as hard as i could barely budged it while the working fan spun fine with slight blowing. Someone suggested that their MBP did the same thing due to a slightly swollen battery, and that a replacement battery fixed both issues. if this is the case is there any app to diagnose the battery or can i physically examine it to find out. i know this is a long post, but i figured it was better than making several seperate posts if the problems might be related. Thank you
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    Back to my old 2.2GHz C2D MB after selling my MBP and wondering what my next Mac will be :)
    I have to assume that has something to do with it, and most likely something interfering with the keyboard connection due to the incompatible setup.
    The only way to really know is to start fresh with the right display.

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