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    MacBook Pro Spill Issue
    Hello Mac Users,

    I recently experienced a terrible accident. My brand new MacBook Pro i got for my first year at University was involved in a hit and run. A glass of Orange Juice was stupidly hit on accident and spilled all over the keyboard of my laptop. I panicked, so i picked it up and ran away from the spill grabbing towels in the process. I wiped off all the liquid from the keys but the computer screen immediately went black. I realized the OJ must have seeped through the keys and gotten into the insides of it and I must have spread the liquid all around when i picked it up.

    All by myself, i had no idea what to do, but my sister told me i should put it in a bag and cover the keyboard with rice (i read i should bury it in rice, but i don't have that much lol) and leave it for three days (it was not connected to anything at the time of the spill), so i've done that.

    Now i've come here to the Mac forum in search of answers. Everywhere I look it says there is no warranty for spills so i'm all out of luck if it doesn't turn on tomorrow. I had just bought the computer in July and haven't backed it up in a few weeks. Thankfully i handed in my last few papers but I still have a lot of things on the computer that are important for school.

    Do you guys have any idea of what I should do? I'm so mad that this silly accident i caused, destroyed the one thing I was most protective about.

    To repair the computer, I have read that it's around $800 for spills... and I don't really have that money having first year tuition on my back.

    Anyone have similar experiences? What happened and did you get it fixed?

    My parents are gonna kill me when they get back from vacation lol. Friday was just not my day.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    go to that link and that explains everything you need

    good luck!

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    Orange juice = acid.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but even if you somehow manage to get that machine working again, it will fail again before long. If it had been water, there would have been a chance of complete recovery, but OJ? <shakes head>

    This is why drinks should never be kept within three metres of a computer.

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