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    Should I wait for the MBP "Refesh" next year?
    I would like to buy a 15" MacBook Pro for when I go to University next year, but the rumours of the new MBP becoming more like the MacBook Air, with the HDDs being replaced with SSDs and there being no optical drive, I'm not sure if i should wait out.

    I'm looking to spend about £1,700, I was originality going to buy a MBP when OSX Lion was released in the summer, but and I need a Mac with a CD/DVD drive, and I'm worried that the new macs wont have one and be much more expensive with the SSD!

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    Buy a new MBP when you need one, or you'll always be waiting for what's around the corner.

    If the new Macs come out when you do need one, and they're more expensive, or don't meet your requirements, go to Apple's refurbished store and get the one you want.

    No one can tell you when the new MBPs will come out, or what features they will have.
    Only Apple knows this!

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    Personally, I'm happier knowing that I saved a bunch of money than spending a premium just to have the newest thing out. Also, having to wait so long is a deal breaker for me. Plus, the mbp's that are out right now are pretty darn good. Throw in an ssd in them and you will be getting blisters from its speed! I have a 19 month old mbp 15" that just got an ssd installed, along with a hybrid ssd...needless to say, I don't have the urge to get any new thing that's out.

    There are some really good deals now on refurbs. I would seriously be looking at them if I didn't already have something. The only thing that might might push me to upgrade later on is the new Light Peak interface...which isn't even guaranteed to come out yet.
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    If you wait, you will always be waiting. Buy now or wait, your choice. If you need it, buy it, if not, wait until you think you will. But if you buy it then they announce something new coming in a little bit, get used to it.
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    If you need a computer now buy now. If you can wait then wait. Simple right?

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    To avoid buyer's remorse when a newer and flashier device comes out for 100$ less, it can be wise to wait until right after an update.

    I would say that if you really really need one now, borrow one. It's 7.5 months since the last update of the MBP line, and there has rarely been more than 9 between any two updates of the MBP.
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    And there's no certainty that there will be a MBP refresh next year. It will probably happen, but no one can tell you for sure when. And given that Apple's last MBP refresh was almost a year in between, you should just buy when you need it.

    No one is able to tell you for certain when new models are coming out until Apple actually announces a date. However, there are some sites that try to guess based on previous hardware refreshes.

    A great one is the Macrumors Buying Guide:

    The best rule of thumb is if you need a new computer and the current models meet your needs go for it. If you're not in a rush and choose to wait for the next refresh, you can do that. Either choice is ultimately up to you.

    There will always be the next new version, so waiting indefinitely is often not worth it.
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