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    Cool MacBook & MacBook Air 13" Screen Color
    I started designing my own personal website about a week ago and everything was going to plan . I was happy with the theme I had created so I took a screen shot and dragged it into Photoshop where hopefully I would have the header and theme looking the same using the eyedropper tool. I uploaded it and everything was fine, they matched perfectly.

    The following day I received emails from people wondering why the colors were different when they were still the same on my MacBook & MacBook air, these people were using MacBook Pro's and some PC's.

    I'm wondering is this a problem with my screen and how I can fix it, please help me as soon as possible.

    Regards, Dale.

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    You probably embedded a color profile in the artwork files - which will cause this problem.
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    But it has to be my laptop if other people can see the problem and I can't.

    Here are some screen shots.

    From another person's mac book pro - Irish Web Designer | Dale O_D.jpg

    From my iPhone - Problem with iPhone & PC | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    From my MacBook -

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