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    Macbook HDD Connector on M/B
    I want to ask if anyone has ever noticed if the connector on the macbook motherboard has anything on inside besides the metal thingies... Because I opened it and I saw something like a small white thing on one of the connectors. And i removed it. Can anyone confirm what is the case?

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    My question to you - is everything still working OK? If it is, don't worry about it. The connectors at the end of the ribbon cable are push on, lift off type and can easily be damaged. The "small white thing" you removed may have been part of the connector that broke off. Heat build up inside the machine causes the plastic like connectors to become brittle over time.

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    No it doesn't work. But the problem started before I removed that thing. So I opened to see what is the matter and I noticed that. But removing it didn't help and even make things worse. The Macbook couldn't detect the hard drive at all. and after a while it could again. So I believe that the cable is messed up. I hope its the cable actually.

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