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    Macbook 13" aluminum issues..
    I bought a macbook off ebay and it was suppose to be in working condition only that the battery would no longer hold a charge..

    however it came in. the battery does hold a good charge.. however the magsafe will not power nor charge the macbook. it does not light up.

    it does however work on other macbooks

    I was wondering would this be a logic board issue? or the magsafe board?

    any help would be apperciated


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    This is just a guess so don't take it as for sure, but that does not sound good. You say the Magsafe adapter works with other Macs but does not light nor charge on the one you got from Ebay.

    I hope I am wrong on this but it could be someone spilled some liquid in the Macbook. Seen that a few times now and it would not charge after the spill.

    Also check the pins on the Macbook end and see if they are clean.

    Another quick question, How do you know the battery holds a good charge since you can't charge it? Did you try it on another Macbook?

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    the battery came fully charged.. I though nothing of it and went about using it until it got down to about 1hr or 45min left and I went to charge it..

    no light on the magsafe..

    the logic board has no signs of liquid damage.. thou the grounding for the screws on the dc board has some yellowish residue.

    the logic board serial does not match the serial number on the label in the battery/hdd bay either

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