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    memory question
    Im about to purchase a powerbook 12inch which comes with 512 and I want to upgrade to the max from a different somewhere other than apple.

    I used the system to find a memory that fits my apple and it recommends a 1gig.

    Now knowing that the max I can fit in my powerbook is 1280, my question is will this fit? Basically how many slots will my powerbook have and is the original 512 split into 2 256 parts?


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    Well, I've heard Apple tends to say their machines can take less ram than they really can, just to "play it safe." (ie. My powerbook can only go to 2 GBs Ram, but some users report using 2.5 with no problems).

    The 12" Powerbook has 256 MB ram soldered to the motherboard, and one ram slot. Therefore, if u ordered it with 512 MB ram, It would come with the 256 on the motherboard, and a 256 chip in the slot. If you bought a 1 GB stick from crucial, and installed that, you would have a total of 1.25 GB ram.

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