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Thread: Odd things happening with my Mac...

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    Exclamation Odd things happening with my Mac...
    Hello everyone, new member here.

    I thought I'd ask a few things to fellow mac users hoping your answers would be unbiased and helpful rather than just trying to make money out of me (like electricians/ mac sales people)

    So anyway, here it goes.
    I've had my macbook 13.3 inch for able 2 years now, I've never dropped it, or spilt water on it, I've taken very good care of it, although in the past half year or so it makes a very loud heavy breathing noise when used for approximately more than half hour.
    Also, my original adapter caught on fire from the part connecting to the computer going outwards, and before it was doing that it was acting strange, turning on and off by itself, the light remaining on even when unplugged!
    When it burnt I straight away bought a new one assuming it was just the charger's fault although similar things are already beginning to happen to that one, so assuming it may have been the place I plugged it into, I changed places and rooms hoping the problem would resolve, but it still overheats and the light remains on even when unplugged... it's very spooky, and I'm terrified it may catch on fire this time and be more dangerous.. (last time it happened just as I was dozing off!)

    Also, the discspace refuses to take discs anymore, it spits them out, and again.. and the airport no longer turns on right away as soon as I open my mac, I have to wait about 1 minute. I've taken very good care of my mac and bougt it from an official store, I don't know why there are so many faults!

    Any help on why this is happening and what I can do would be appreciated. Also, if it's any help.. I checked my cycle life and it's at 1049, but it says it's in 'good condition'.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You really need to have your MacBook checked out by a service technician before it does catch on fire. You should have had that done the first time your MagSafe adapter caught on fire. It's hard to predict or diagnose what the problem could be, but one thing is for sure - and that is you need to have it looked at before you set it and maybe your house on fire. In the meantime, don't use the machine for your own safety.

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