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Thread: Graphics Card Question

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    Graphics Card Question
    Since I switched to a mac, I enjoy working on it so have gotten back into somethings, one being games. I bought the low end macbook, because at the time it fit my needs. I am really not up to date on graphics cards and such since I stopped PC gaming.

    My mac book has a Intel GMA X3100 card. I know the card isn't the best for games, but I would like to know which nVidia card its comparable to. I have seen it listed next to nVidia GeForce 8.

    Steam list the nVidia cards under specs and that is mostly where I have been looking. I do plan on sticking to slightly older games to be on the safe side.

    Is it possible to switch out the video card. There isn't an apple store or dealer near me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtdolphins View Post
    Is it possible to switch out the video card. There isn't an apple store or dealer near me.

    All integrated cards are soldered onto the mobo.
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