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    Questions about External Hard Drive
    I am looking at getting an external hard drive for Christmas, but I have a few questions. I am looking for at least a TB, preferably 2 TB. I will be using it to back up the files on my computer and to store my digital movie collection. Btw, I have a Macbook.

    Can I use Time Machine to back up my computer, but then still put other files on the external HD? I don't plan to keep these movies on my computer so they wouldn't be backed up with Time Machine. They will only be on the external HD, but I want to be able to sync my new files and music on my computer using Time Machine. Is that possible? Maybe a partition or something like that? Also, is there a way I can watch these movies while still on the external hard drive? This seems much easier than moving them to my laptop every time I want to watch one. Also, is there a way to hook the hard drive up to my router so that my roommate and I can both share it? I have read a few things about this and it seems that I can buy something to be the file server (I'm not sure I used the right terminology) or I can use an old desktop and install Linux on it. And as far as that stuff goes, can I password protect the HD? Like someone would have to enter a password to be able to access the HD. We already have a password for our router, but I would just like to be able to do that too.

    I know these are a lot of questions. I appreciate any answers. Also, I am not super knowledgeable about computers and networks, but I have a decent knowledge and I am smart enough and enjoy the challenge of trying to figure all of this out, so feel free to give me any you can offer. Thanks!

    BTW, I was considering these two because of price. I'm not exactly rich lol.

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    You sure can.

    A great thing to do would be to partition it into two drives via disc utility. Very simple to do.

    If you don't feel like doing that, once you setup time machine your backups will go into a "backup" folder. You can save anything you want on that drive as well.

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