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    help with opening a .dmg image of old hard drive on another macbook?
    hi, new to the forum and am after some advice... apologies if this is in the wrong section or if there is already a thread for this (checked but couldnt find one).

    basically, my macbook pro 15" titanium (10.6.4) hdd wont boot, but disk utility says its fine?.... i am creating an image (.dmg) of the hdd and saving it to a location on our network. can i then open the image on my macbook 13" (10.6.5) to retrieve files etc that i want to get access to?

    aside from that its the data recovery route which i really cant afford at the moment.

    any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks you in advance.

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    I wouldn't make an image of the entire drive, just your user folder/s. Will save on space and most of your stuff should be in your user folder anyway.

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    Yes, you'll be able to open the disk image.
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