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    Mini DV to HDMI Issue
    I have a Macbook and purchased a Mini DV to HDMI converter. I plug the converter to my mini dv port, and other cable end into HDMI on my Vizio TV (I've tried all 3 ports HDMI in 1, 2, & 3). The Macbook goes to a quick grey-blue screen when the cable is hooked up, but then back to normal background after a second or two. TV never gets a signal. Same grey-blue thing happens when I change HDMI inputs on the TV. Tried every display setting possible on the Macbook. I've also tried shutting both down and restarting the TV first, then the Macbook. No luck. Had a friend take the cable home and it worked for him- so I don't think it's bad. Any other ideas to get this working?

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    Sounds like you have the wrong type of cable(s) for your setup. Read this Sticky post.

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    Try plugging into the TV but not the computer, then switch to the appropriate HDMI video mode, THEN plug the cable into the running computer. Going to the blue/grey screen is what the computer does when it syncs the display, so that's right. Are you sure your computer is set to "mirror" displays? If it's set to act as an extended display, it'll just have a background image and no icons. What is left after it tries to sync, nothing? just a black screen? Also, how old is the TV? HDMI has had a few revisions, not sure if that would cause this issue, but if your TV is an older one that could be the case. As an alternative, does your TV have a VGA port? maybe try that instead with the appropriate cable.

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    Vizio manual misprint == customer eats cost of tv
    I spent two hours on the phone with tech support figuring this out with Vizio. The manual has a step by step process describing how to set this up. Turns out the whole section is a "misprint." Too bad so sad for the consumer who researched the tv online.

    The first tech support guy told me "it's your responsibility to research what the tv can and can't do" and "i don't know what to tell you"

    Vizio found the error, by the way, and removed the entire section from the next edition of the manual.

    Waiting to hear from management level about what they intend to do abou.

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