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Thread: Air 11" OK for development work?

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    Air 11" OK for development work?
    I was wondering about the usability of the 11" for development work (I'd go the 1.6 with 4gig)

    I will generally work with a monitor, but I'm wondering about the performance given the slower CPU.
    Has anyone tried Eclipse? When a browser, etc, is running?
    Compiling? What about VM stuff?

    I was originally set on the 13", but the portability would be great. So long as it's not grinding along. Any experiences welcome!!


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    Actually, the Air 11" and 13" models are fairly fast since they use flash storage and not an SSD. Having said that, I have no idea what kind of developing you're into and what you're compiling. You might want to drop into your local Apple store or Best Buy and play with one before you decide.

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    My dad got an 11" MBA a few weeks ago. He got the 1.6/4 Gig model and let me tell you, that machine is a dream. Ultra portable, incredibly fast and the battery last for over 5 hours with WiFi on. I mean, the thing boots up into the desktop in about 13 seconds!

    Having said that, if your workflow depends a lot on disk I/O, then you will notice the difference. The Flash unit is a BIG plus. If you're looking for CPU horsepower, you might be disappointed. It's a machine built for portability.
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