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    Strange behaviour: MacBook not charging/network not working
    Dear all,

    I wondered if you could help me figure out a problem that I had with my MacBook this morning (it was bought in March 2009 if that helps with working out what version it is).

    I had left it on my desk overnight, not on charge and just "sleeping" with the screen down as I usually do. When I came to check my emails this morning I plugged in the charger and the ethernet network cable. However, it had obviously shut down instead of sleeping as it went through the normal start up procedures, but then as it started up, the orange charging light went from the charger - I made sure it was plugged in and it still was as if it was running from battery. It then started up fully and was obvious it was running only from battery, moreover, the ethernet port wasn't working and when I tried to turn on the wireless it couldn't find any networks (which is strange given that there are several networks in range normally).

    I decided to turn it off, remove the battery and put it back again before trying again. Now it works perfectly - it is charging and the networking functionality is back.

    My question is whether this sounds like an isolated incident, perhaps due to a slightly dislodged battery (or something that would fix itself when the battery was removed), or whether it is an early sign of a more serious problem?

    Thank you in advance,

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    The same thing just happened to my macbook a few days ago, it just stopped charging. I took it into the apple store and they said that something had become dislodged around the battery and would cost minimum 370 pounds to replace. No coverplan because I was stupid and believed that my mac would be fine. It is just over a year since i got it.

    What did you end up doing with yours if you don't mind me asking?

    Take care,


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    if you open it up and take the battery out the put it back in it should be fixed well thats what happened to mine
    by Mac Mad

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