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    Spinny Rainbow of DEATH
    Please help my computer.

    I have a 2006 MBP (that may or may not be the problem ) that freezes when I do ANYTHING. It happened sort of gradually. First, I was just getting the spinny rainbow when I had too many windows open or something. Then, it started just happening just because, sometimes only a couple minutes after my last restart. Now, I can't even open certain programs with it crashing right away (Safari, iTunes, iChat, Software Update.) Safari doesn't even really open, it bounces in the dock then just sits there without being highlighted, but makes my computer absolutely unresponsive. I am able to use firefox (which I'm using right now, this is my only computer), but it won't be before long that I see the spinny rainbow again.

    Stuff I've done so far that hasn't worked:
    • Reformatted
    • Took to 'genius bar' who could only tell me that I may need a new HD
    • Installed new HD

    Is there anything else I can do? It's frustrating because no one can even tell me what is wrong with it. Is it just time for a new one? I was hoping I wouldn't have to get a computer until maybe the next release. Thanks for listening...

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    more specs of your computer would probably help. maybe your RAM is failing and crashing when trying to start applications? since you did get a new HD. have you tried seeing the activity monitor to see if there is anything running that may be causing the computer to freeze up like that? im not an expert but i had to change my RAM because i would get the bounce in the dock cuz my ram filled up to the max n apps were running slow

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