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    Question Vyper Sleeve by Booq
    Does anyone have any experience with the Vyper sleeve by Booq? I am looking for a laptop sleeve and it seems like a good buy. If anyone has any other sleeves they think are good, let me know.

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    it is a very nice case , but it is to big for a PB12' , it donst fit snugg at all.

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    Yes, I have the Booq Vyper for the PB 17" and the Booq Powersleeve for the PB 15". The quality is excellent from Booq. I find it hard to say which case I like better. The Powersleeve is good because it has a handle and a strap for easier carrying, as opposed to the Vyper with no handle or strap. However, the Vyper for my 17" does fit very snugly, whereas the Powersleeve for my 15" has some play room in there. It isn't too bad, I think I actually prefer the Powersleeve solely due to it's ease of carring around. But the Vyper is great to put into another bag, for instance if you purchased one of Booq's "systems" as they refer to it as. It will come with their backpack and a Vyper or Powersleeve. Personally, I do not recommend that simply because I'm not so sure about their backpacks, that is not what they specialize in. But there are pro's and con's to each the Vyper and Powersleeve, so it boils down to how you will be using it. Will you be always carring around the bag itself or inside of another bag, etc. Good luck in whatever you choose, hope I have been of some help.
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