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Thread: Slightly swollen/bulged battery.

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    Unhappy Slightly swollen/bulged battery.
    I've recently discovered that my MacBook Pro's battery has a slight bulge and it's getting swollen. Reading on the issue, I noticed several users have had the same problem and had their batteries replaced -no questions asked- due to a potential fire hazard. I'm not having problems with the MBP yet, but the back cover doesn't sit flush anymore due to the bulged battery.

    Since I don't reside in the US, I would like to know if I can get some sort of official response on this problem, in order to support my claim when I take the battery to an Official Apple representative here in Buenos Aires.

    The MacBook Pro is a unibody model from 2008. It currently holds it's charge up to 100%, and system Profiler reports 197 charge cycles with a 'normal' condition. iStat Pro reports a health of 92%, which I think it's appropriate since I've been using it for over 2 years.

    On a side note, this is the first issue I've encountered with my beloved MBP since I purchased it 2008. I'm just worried about my health, and the fact that the battery itself has the words "... replace if swollen" written on top of it.


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    That sucks to hear about this. But i have heard members that have rang Apple told them there problem and bc they live to far away to get into a store they have done everything buy mail ... So your biggest cost will be the postage

    Best bet is ring them and see what your options are

    Good luck
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    If you're looking for an "official" response here...

    This forum is not affiliated with Apple in any way. Nothing said here can be construed as an "official" response from Apple.

    If you're talking about a battery that is now over 2 years old, Apple may or may not replace the battery from what I've seen, sometimes depending on whether you have Applecare. Batteries are expendable items and if you don't have the extended Applecare, then your warranty is over. That doesn't mean they won't replace it.

    You just need to take it in to Apple there and see what they say. Have seen Apple replace a lot of things out of warranty. I'm also sure that this is not always the case.
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    Thanks guys. I'll call a few local Apple authorized resellers and see where I land. If I don't get a straight answer I guess I'll have to try my luck calling Apple directly.
    I'm over a year beyond my warranty.

    As for the official response, I was just asking if someone here knew about some official document or press release that I could use to support my claim, that's all.
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    I experienced this problem with my macbook air. It was under apple care so I took it to the apple store and they replaced the batter for free. They said that I could have mailed it in so I would suggest that you call apple. This is a manufacturing defect in the battery.

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