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Thread: best macbook unibody case?

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    Feb 18, 2010
    best macbook unibody case?
    Hey guys,

    I use my Macbook for work, so I'm constantly traveling with it. Which is better to protect it -- a neoprene case, or the hard shell?


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    Jan 18, 2010
    It depends on whether you are talking about a shell case or a carrying bag.

    Neoprene is a soft. It will only protect you against scratches. Most typical hard shell cases aren't much better at protection either so it depends on if you like the soft feel or a stiff case. The benefit with hard shell cases is that you can get ones that snap onto your laptop so that it's constantly on.

    I don't really care much about scratches so I don't use a shell case protector. What I worry about is impact when transporting my laptop. The best protection for that is a good laptop carrying bag with plenty of cushioning. A hard laptop carrying bag is like a brief case and I find them too heavy and bulky for daily usage. A soft carrying bag with enough cushioning works well enough for me.

    Once I'm at my destination and my laptop is out on the table I rarely have to worry about some random object hitting my laptop.

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    Well there are Speck hard cases that protect it against scratches and things like that. Macbook Cases, Sleeves, and Bags - Speck Products

    What I use is a hard-shell carrying case, found here: .

    It is very easy to travel with, as you just throw it in the little bin they provide at the airport and just let it run through.
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    I like the idea of the hard case... it seems somewhat bulky, though?

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    Speck case may be best for traveling. It does add a little weight and thickness to the MBP, but not much. I ended up taking it off and put on a protective film for the bottom but leave everything else bare. The aluminum MBP looks too good to keep covered.

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