a) boots normal. gives a message to 'initialize, ignore or eject' screen.
b) CD/DVD video or data or not read says cannot be read in this computer. `but i am able to cut cd/dvd using data in the macbook.
c) pendrive not recognised. shows in disk utility, permits formatting, but still does not recognise after formatting. Also everything is greyed out in disk utility and does not permit first aid etc., Says one partition needs to be mounted, but when i click 'mount' nothing happens.
d) says 'no mountable file systems' whenever i try to install a .dmg so even though i have iso cds and disk warrior can not get them to work on the machine.
e) cannot use install cd because the drive does not read it as i said.
f) otherwise machine works fine including surfing.
g) on snow leopard updated to current version.
h) any help would be appreciated.