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    Macbook Won't Turn On, Possible Water and Battery Damage
    Macbook Won't Turn On, Possible Water and Battery Damage
    When I went to school today I left my 2008 white macbook sitting on my bed. When I came home I saw that my roommate's cat knocked a glass of water onto the bed, and although the water didn't seem to have fallen on the computer, the keyboard was slightly wet. This probably wouldn't be an issue except that the corner of my case broke off last year, and the area around it was wet. The battery was dead, so I plugged the computer into the charger and I opened the computer and all my windows were open from when I last used it. It said "no batteries available". I unplugged the computer from the charger and it turned off. I plugged it in again, to my roommates newer 2010 charger, and to my charger and the cord didn't light up. I left it plugged in for about half an hour and the charging light turned on, and the screen looked like it was turning on (it had the apple logo with the blue screen). I had to go back to school though, so I left it plugged in. I just got home and the charging light was green but the computer isn't turning on. I reset the System Management Controller but nothing happened. I'm planning on taking my computer to the apple store as soon as possible but I was wondering if anyone knew what is going on or what i should do in the meantime. I don't have applecare and I'm really worried that this will cost a lot of money to fix.

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    Read the sticky concerning spills at the beginning of the forum. LINK

    If the folks at the Apple store detect any kind of water damage or spillage, they'll more than likely recommend changing the logic board. Very expensive repair as indicated in the post above yours.

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