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    Need some advice on my water-damaged MB Pro
    Took it to Apple store, tier3 780 dollars.

    Me=College student=Broke.

    soo i found a local buisness where they fix macbook and stuff

    and they said they use a device called fisher cleaning device which is suppose to a high end cleaning machine.
    they said it would cost me $150 dollars and they had high successful rate.
    with that $150 dollars if they fail, they will only charge me $50 for the diagnostic.

    Should i do it? or shuold i go to a local authorized apple buisness and get it fixd there?

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    I've never heard of a "fisher cleaning device". What is it and how does it supposedly clean up water damage? The problem with water spills on a computer is that damage is caused very quickly especially if the machine is on at the time.

    If you want to take a chance and spend $150 or $50, that's up to you. Apple is quoting you the price to change out the logic board which in fact may be damaged. You might also consider putting your MBP on eBay and advertise it as water damaged. Whatever it sells for, you can use that money to buy a refurbished MBP from Apple.

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    Computer + Water = Death. That is why the quote is for the logic board.

    What should you do? Keep all liquids well away from the MBP!

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