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    MBP 15" Core-i7 Network Card Issue?
    Hey everyone,

    Im currently a student, using the MBP 15" core-i7.
    I usually study in a wifi-area with high reception. Sometimes though, my reception drops to 0 and even disconnects sometimes. My buddy uses the old old macbook 13" and he never disconnects or drops when I do.

    When I do disconnect, I usually get back on and disconnect every 5 minutes. Literally 5 minutes. This goes on for a while.

    Also, when I play Starcraft, I lag while no one else in my area lags.

    Is this a network card issue? Or is this just cause my MBP has a bad network card??

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    You mean the "airport card". We could run the Apple Hardware Test but I'm not sure that will really tell us anything about whether or not airport is working as it should. I'm assuming that when you connect your MBP via ethernet cable that everything is OK and no disconnecting?

    Is your MBP still under warranty or extended Apple care? If it is, what I suggest you do is make an appointment with your local Apple store genius and have them check it out for you. They can run diagnostics on the airport right there in the store. If it is a bad or intermittent airport card, they'll replace it.

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