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    Will they replace my battery?
    Hey, i have a 13 inch Macbook Pro (2.53GHz intel duo and 4GB ram)

    im nearly at the end of my warranty and my battery life seems to have reduced itself to around 50%, before once fully charged it could last 8 hours if nothing was running, now its down to about 4 hours after a full charge

    im taking it into my local apple store and im wondering if they will replace it for free? im taking it in this Saturday (exactly a year after i bought it coincidentally ) just to let you know i also have the AppleCare Protection Plan

    so do you think they will replace it for free? or will they charge me? and if so, does anyone know how much it will cost? im pretty short on cash at the moment

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    They should'nt charge you. But I really think it depends on the Apple Genius that you get. some of them are cool, and some are not so. I think a new battery in that machine installed is $130.00. Correct me if im mistaken.

    Good luck!

    - Mike
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    According to the details of the Applecare warranty...if a battery is not suffering from any sort of manufacturing defect...then technically no...Apple should not replace it. Laptop batteries are considered a "consumable item"...and are not covered (unless there is a manufacturing defect).

    But like has already been can depend on who you meet with...and how "flexible" they are. Worst case scenario is they say no. I will mention that if they say no...and you really want/need a new battery...they may sell it to you at their cost which is $99 instead of $129 (saw this on my repair receipt I had a few months ago)...where I did get a free battery (mine was defective).

    Good luck,

    - Nick
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