Hiya all, I really could use some help, here's my problem:

Up untill one week ago my Macbook would last at least 5 hours. Now suddenly I'm reduced to 3 tops, and the problem seems to be it's using a lot of power

Three things:
1) I'm in the exact same scenario, that is taking notes in Word with wifi off and brightness turned down
2) While doing this easy task halfway my macbooks suddenly turns the fans on - it didn't do this before, unnecessary because I'm only using Word!
3) While the fans turned on, I checked activity monitor, and the biggest CPU hog was Word, with like 1% tops!

So the problem isn't the battery but that my Macbook is for some reason using a lot of power for no reason =|?

Already tried the battery reset thing, fully dis- and recharching..

Help! Please