I have a iBook G4 that's about 5-6 years old. It was dropped a couple weeks ago and now it doesn't charge at all. Whenever I plug the charger in, the light on the charger is orange like it should be, but the icon in the upper right shows 0% and never changes. The icon will also show the "prongs" like its charging then just got back to the empty battery icon. If I change the percentage to time remaining it says "Calculating..." The screen will also shut off and go into sleep mode after about 5 seconds. I have to press the power button to get it back up, but then it only stays on for like 10 seconds again. I think because the battery is not charged? I removed the battery and tried to turn it on without the battery, but with the charger plugged in and I got nothing....Please any advice would be greatly appreciated!! I would really like to get this computer working, it was still working flawlessly before it was dropped. Thank you in advance!