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    hard disk full even after deleting files
    Hi all,

    I have a serious problem with my MacBook Pro 2.53Ghz (Mac OS X 10.6.4). My hard disk has become full and I mean completely full. I do download movies but I suspect something else has caused it fill up quickly.

    I have deleted numerous large files and 'emptied' trash normal and Secure Empty Trash and the HD Info still reads Available: Zero KB Capacity: 120.99GB Used: 120.99GB. No matter what I delete and where there is no change.

    I can't download any disk utility software because there is no space. I also can't run the 'Erase free space' function because it cannot create a log file because there is no space.

    Can anyone help? I'm going overseas in a week and intend to take my MacBook with me but if I cant fix this problem it's basically useless

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    If you are only deleting a couple of gigs of files, then any small amount of freed-up space will immediately be swallowed up by the macs swap files.

    If its a 120 gig disk then I would bring the actual files on that down to at most 100 gig to give the system some briefing room.

    If you have an external then dump all your movies on that, if you don't have an external, then I would suggest you get a 250 gig 3.5" hard disk and an external case. Then you could consider cloning the old drive and moving your internal disk to a larger one.
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