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    disk utility unable to help
    Hello, i have a 13.3 inch macbook which i bought second hand. when i got it it came with some german login and german toolbar, task bar etc., i was new to mac and so gradually played around until i managed to successfully change everything to english.

    At the time of purchase the 320 gb hard disk had two partition 'disk1' with 250 gb and 'disk3' with 58 gb. The 58 gb in particular was being shown as 'windows' virtual icon on the desktop of the notebook. It had no files in it nor was i able to use any windows os files in that.

    about a month ago, i was experimenting with various applications, and went on with disk utility. What i did wrong, i now cannot recall, but from the next day boot up, i found that the 'windows' icon on the desktop had vanished and the deskutility will automatically open up during each boot up after giving me the choice to press 'initialize' 'ignore' 'eject'. I had obviously chosen initialize everytime, which would start the disk utility where i would find the windows partition, referred as 'disk3' greyed out. After reading at forums, i learnt that i need to mount it.

    But clicking the 'Mount" button, got me no where, and i am still stuck with problem of getting back to my old status of two usable partitions.

    After the above incident, i also notice that i have other problems.

    a) If i put a black CD, i can add and write files and cut CD/DVD.
    b) If i put a DVD or CD (data/video) etc., the same 'initialize' 'ignore' 'eject' option would appear stating that the CD cannot be read in this computer.
    c) I am unable to install any .dmg software for rectification, because the software does not install at all and only creates a blank folder.
    d) Pendrives are not getting recognised. However i can see it in disk utility and also can do 'verify permission' 'format' etc., of the pendrive, but cannot read the pendrive, nor can i transfer any data into the pendrive.

    I do not have an install CD but i do have a macbook pro 17 inch istall CD, since i also have a macbook pro.

    I shall be grateful if help is extended to get my macbook 13 inch, back to where it started so that i can use it effectively.

    Thanks in advance, for your patient reading.

    Currently i run snow leopard 10.6.5

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    Is your main problem that you dont see icons for DVDs and usb drives appear on the desktop when you plug them in?

    If so go to the Finder, in the menu bar select Finder preferences and you will see a list of tick boxes to show DVDs and mounted disks.
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    No, they do not appear on the finder. cd/dvd appears in disk utility but greyed out.

    i have done what u said about finder preferences. no joy.\

    when i put a new video or data cd, it says that the device is not readable in this computer.

    thanks for any help.

    also unable to install any .dmg files. says no mountable file systems.
    with cd/dvd drive not recognising installl cd but is able to cut cd/dvd how to proceed ?

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