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    Questions regarding Macbook and Apple Care...
    Hello everyone,

    I own a white 13 inch MacBook since February 2008, which means my Apple Care is about to expire in February 2011.

    Since some people say a three year old MacBook is pretty outdated, I've considered selling and upgrading to a new MacBook, but still I think after selling I'd have to come up with another big amount of money to be able to buy a new one and since mine is still running pretty smoothly I'm thinking it would be more economic to just keep using my MacBook until it completely dies on me.

    I'm currently experiencing some minor issues with my Mac that I'm hoping to get fixed for free under Apple Care before it expires in February: the plastic around the track pad is starting to crack, the battery is dying and the screen sometimes suddenly goes black (when connecting an external screen, hard drive or trying to play an HD quality movie for instance... I heard it's some sort of power issue so it might be connected to the dead battery problem..?)

    Anyway, I'm still a little scared about being completely without any warranty for my Mac after February since I have used Apple Care occasionally in the past couple of years.

    So my questions are:

    - First of all, is there a way to completely test my system to detect all the issues it has and might have in the future to have Apple Care fix all of those before it expires and get my Mac running 'as new' again?

    - Second, are there any precautions I could take to prevent problems from occurring in the future when I'm without warranty to be able to keep using my Mac for as long as possible and without having to spend lots of money on repairs?

    I was thinking for instance to put some kind of rubber dots next to the corners of the screen to prevent the plastic next to the track pad to crack as the top part 'hits' the down part when opening and closing the MacBook. Any other suggestions on precautions and maintenance?

    - Thirdly, are there any upgraded I should think about to keep my Mac up-to-date? I've already upgraded my RAM to 4GBs, which I think is the maximum for my system and I've switched to Snow Leopard. Are there any other upgrades I should think about?

    - Finally, are there any issues that Apple will fix free of charge even when I'm not under warranty anymore? I've heard that there are possible some very 'common issues' that Apple is aware of and unable to fix which means that they'll fix those for free even if you don't have warranty anymore? Does anyone know if this is true and which these issues are?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Kind regards,


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    Its been my experience that when you take it in they fix whatever they find that is not considered abuse.

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    Lots of questions -

    Apple care is not going to cover your battery after 2 1/2 years - so that will be on you. The cracks around the trackpad they'll fix under Apple care. As far as testing your system goes, use the Apple Hardware Test that is included with your install DVD. See this LINK.

    We have the same machine as you and it's of the same age. Although we intend to buy something newer for our work, we'll still continue to use this one until it's no longer serviceable. My advice is unless you intend to sell it and upgrade, just continue to use it and don't worry about it.

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