This may not be the section to post this, so I apologize if it's in the wrong place.

I'm sure there have been a million questions like this asked before, but I searched the web for a while without a convincing answer.

I just got a (new to me) black Macbook, which I love.

The problem is that my iphone 3GS was synched with my PowerBook G4 that no longer works AND it is gone forever.

The issues I am hoping to resolve are:

1) How do I import the contacts and calendar TO my macbook FROM my iphone without losing the data on my iphone?

2) How do I import all the music on my ipod that was also synched with the old G4 - music that wasn't purchased from the itunes store, that is. I was able to merge my purchased music from my iphone to my macbook without any issue.

I will GREATLY appreciate anyone that can help me solve these problems!

Thanks in advance!