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    Unhappy the lcd display of my macbook pro a1260 gone black
    Hi, i am new here.
    I have a macbook pro a1260 that had a orizontal narrow like here:
    MacBook Pro 2 - Appledefects

    I followed the instrustions but now my screen is dead...
    When I turn it on, I hear the intro sound, also the Fn+F2, or F3 makes the tipical beep, but the screen is black.

    I don't see also the light on the "apple" on the back
    I tried with some external light to see if the problem is the backlight, and again I don't see nothing.

    Using an external display everything works.

    Also I notice that when the mac turns on the lcd become more black, and using a external light I see some slightly difference between the orizontal band zone and the rest of the display, but there is no sign of the mac simbol on the senter or the icons...

    What can be?

    PS: I would like to fix it not to give it to Apple service...if possible.

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    Did you follow all the directions to correctly remove the LCD panel as given at the ifixit site? I would disassemble everything again and go back over your work. It sounds like the LCD connectors are loose or not making contact.

    When you attach an external monitor, what happens? Are you getting video on the external?

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    Check this out for no video/black screen...
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